Directionally Reflective Shingles
Attractive Energy Efficiency

The highest efficiency roofing with a conventional look.

Patented Cool Angle® technology
Improves solar reflectivity, Black 45% (up from conventional 5%)
Extends shingle life
Reduces energy costs

Front View- Close-up (Color: Charcoal)
Front View (Color: Charcoal)
Shingle Close-up Top; Ground View, Bottom; Sun View (Color: Charcoal)
Two Views- Left; Ground View, Right; Sun View (Color: Charcoal)
Sun View- (Color: Charcoal)


Directionally Reflective Roofing Sample Video

Concept Animation

The following animation demonstrates the concept

About Cool Angle® technology

Patented Cool Angle® roofs have reflectivity of over twice that of current energy saving asphalt shingles and 9 times that of black asphalt shingles. This high reflectivity will decrease roof temperatures resulting in lower cooling costs and longer lasting shingles.

While recent advances in energy saving shingle technology have increased the energy efficiency of asphalt shingle roofing materials, it has always meant sacrificing the deep rich colors that so many customers want.

We have solved this problem!

Award Winning!

International Roofing Expo, 3rd Place, Best New Product 2013

Cool Angle® Technology wins awards for energy efficient ASPHALT shingles

At the 2013 International Roofing Expo in San Antonio, Texas, Cool Angle LLC of Brigham City, Utah, was presented with an award as one of the top three Best New Products of the year. “We’re really excited about this award,” said Kirk Bailey, Founder and CEO, “because the IRE helped us successfully unveil our technology to over 8,500 attendees.”

The product introduced by Cool Angle is their patented asphalt roofing technology. Homeowners are becoming very concerned about energy savings, but many are afraid that using light-colored, energy-efficient shingles will not match the style of their home.

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